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Hi.  My name is Whitney Willis and I am the proud owner of Willow's Cafe in the Rosemary District in Sarasota, Florida.  Welcome to my Blog.

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My Blog

There are a million things I love about being a cafe owner.  I love meeting new people.  I love seeing the kids play in the back and enjoying our kids area.  I love the dogs that stop by and stick their face against the glass to get our attention so they can get their special treat.  I love when the dog owners bring their friends in to show them the picture of their dog on the wall, or their dog's name on the menu.  I love the community I live and work in and I love the many compliments we get about how the customer felt like they were at home with how comfortable they felt being here.  I have worked hard to create a space where people can kick back and relax with a good cup of coffee, good food and good conversation.  But my favorite part is the quiet mornings when I get here early and its super dark out but the cafe lights make the corner glow.  I can finish my prep and sit down with a cup of coffee and look at the birds and squirrels and the beginning of daylight, right before the hustle bustle starts, and just think back to why I started this journey and where is it leading me.  There is a beautiful peacefulness that takes over and I push on, never knowing if I'll make it through the next year or not but never slowing down or giving up.  I step back and breathe and appreciate what has been accomplished in 3 years.  Come in and see for yourself.  God Bless

My Blog     11-13-23

Trees.  I have always felt a connection to trees.  When I moved out of my parents house when I was younger, I moved in with my best friend from high school and his twin brother.  I was so excited to be on my own and have my own space.  The first thing I did was paint my room green and then I painted a giant tree on the wall.  Above that I painted special quotes from poems I loved or ones I had written myself.  I wasn't really sure the whole meaning of the tree but from that moment it became a connection with me.  When I decided to start a path to owning my own cafe, obviously location was important but I had to feel something for the space I was going to rent.  After searching for several months I was about to give up when I saw an ad on Marketplace that there was a space for rent that had already been a cafe.  I was so excited.  I raced to the location and directly in front of the storefront was a beautiful tree.  Don't ask me what kind of tree it is because I cant tell you but if you stop by you will see it.  And I'm not sure what drew me to it at first but looking back it has given me a lot of my strength.  When I get discouraged or feel defeated I go outside and sit and look at that tree.  My daughter has a birdhouse she has painted and hung in the tree,  I have plants hanging off its branches and my daughter Willow feeds the birds and squirrels that seek shelter there.  She actually has the squirrel trained to eat from her hand.  When I'm outside just trying to find some peace from the hecticness of this business there is a comfort in seeing these little creatures looking to you for love and companionship, and food of course.  That tree has grown with me and my daughter over the years.  It has watched me cry and it has watched me laugh, it has felt my sadness and felt my triumphs.  It might sound silly but it has been somewhat of a rock for me.  I probably should be writing about my food and how awesome my cafe is but come see for yourself and see this amazing tree.  If you feel like talking I promise it is a good listener.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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